Wow, this is a quick fun inexpensive board game my family just fell in love with!

Though we normally cover kid movies here we don't mind taking a moment to share a few items that we have found that our kids totally love.  Our latest is a board game from the amazing company Blue Orange games.  Over the years they have put out some games that our family has just loved! 

Well, yesterday, my 8 year old came home from his first day of school in tears.  This did not stop for several hours.  It would seem nothing could console the little guy about his new strange school or his new strange teacher etc.  That is until I brought out the game Gigamons that I had been sent to review.  He LOVED it.  What was surprising was how much the rest of us loved it as well. 

At it's heart this is a game of memory, where you turn over tiles and try to remember where the matching pairs are.  But, do not let that scare you away.  I am easily the worst memory player in my family, and I had a great time playing Gigamons.  The reason for that is that there are so many fun additions that make this take on the classic memory game so much better.

First, you have super powers.  Each time you get a pair of little monsters, you get a superpower that lets you do something cool in the game, like stealing other people's monsters, drawing a random monster for yourself, or sneaking a peak at the tiles already on the board.  Plus, once you get three of the same monster, you evolve your little monster into a big monster.  And, once you get three big monsters, you win!  My kids loved that last game mechanic as it reminded all of us of the evolution mechanic from the Pok√©mon Go game we have been obsessed with in our family lately.

All in all this is an awesome game.  It is simple to set up, to learn, and to play.  The game has beautiful artwork and tons of creativity in making an old game of memory into something my whole family enjoyed and can't wait to play again.  Blue Orange games has done it again!

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