A Review of Netflix's Entry Into Kid Movies: The New Animated Little Prince!

So basically, we have two separate kid movies here. We have one movie that takes place in the present day with present day animation. Then we have the actual story from the actual Little Prince book told in glorious and beautiful stop motion animation. Fortunately, the movie that actually follows the little Prince is just brilliant. The animation is incredible, the story is great and touching. All things work well in this world. But then there is this whole other present day movie happening.

The present day story line is weirdly my favorite part! I would say it is every bit as great as the stop-motion Little Prince stuff. The voice talent here is really amazing, which makes the present day story line even better. For me the actual Little Prince stuff is amazing looking in that it is a unique look to it separate from today's regular cg animation. This is cool. However, there is a major problem with the Little Prince parts. They are a little deep. As a parent, you will probably be doing some explanation of the some of the concepts being espoused in the movie as metaphors to real life. For example, one of the core messages of the movie (told again and again) is that it is quite special to tame someone because that makes them unique to you. What?! As an adult with a PhD in marriage and family relationships, I had to think a while to understand what that means. You can imagine that may be a deep concept for a child to apply to relationships.

Is this a kid movie worth a free watch on Netflix where it is initially being released? Absolutely. Is it worth the full ticket price at the movie theater? Meh. Will your kids love it and think it rocks? Most certainly. Will they "get" everything in the movie? No way.

So, in the end, if you are a fan of the original story, this is the best version of that story ever made. And, I am happy that we get the bonus of another present day story to go along with it! Just know that you may need to help the little ones to wade through some of the deeper concepts being taught here. Kind of like the Little Prince book itself.

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