Disney's Pete's Dragon Is Really The Best Kid Movie of The Summer?

When I was a kid, I LOVED Pete’s Dragon.  I thought it was just great.  I loved that idea of a real life dragon that only a boy could see.  Plus, Elliot the dragon was just the cutest nicest dragon around.  Not to mention the song Candle On the Water would make anyone shed a tear.  Fast forward to watching that beloved movie with my own children:  To make a long story short, it was terrible!  I really could not believe how awful the original was when seen in today’s light.  So, while at first, I was worried that this new version of Pete’s Dragon would not be following the original (the director has famously said he has not ever even seen the original), I am now quite pleased to say that it doesn’t follow the original and it is wonderful!

The new film is quite content to only take the premise of a boy named Pete and his Dragon and create an entirely different movie.  Surprisingly enough, this is now considered one of the biggest surprises, most emotionally moving, and best kid movies of the summer.  That was a lot of bests!  When you think about the promise of the summer with Superman V Batman, Captain America: Civil War, Spielberg’s BFG, Finding Dory, Secret Life of Pets, etc., it is saying a lot to say that Disney’s updated version of Pete’s Dragon comes out on top in all of those categories. 

However, the dragon is instantly loveable as is all of the characters.  The first half of the movie has some of the most touching moments in a kid’s movie in a long time.  So great.  The second half includes lots of fun action, but the film never forgets that it is trying to make an emotionally touching movie hat can be inspirational to kids and adults.  And it SUCCEEDS!
All in all, I was worried when I heard about the new direction of Pete’s Dragon, but am delighted with the end result which delivers a true new Disney classic.  Awesome!

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