Is BFG That Great of a Kid's Movie Worthy of the Spielberg Name?

There was a time when Spielberg was really own known for wowing audience with spectacle and heart. He had not yet ventured into his historical serious movie making days. Instead we as an audience were treated to the delight of whatever amazing wonder Spielberg would decide to put on the screen next. Perhaps the pinnacle of this period of Spielberg’s filmmaking was E.T. Well, BFG is a return to this time of innocence and wonder for Spielberg. Heck, he even hired the writer of E.T. to adapt the Roald Dahl story for this movie! That’s right, we have the writer of E.T. writing this thing! Awesome. What other reason do we need to watch it?! Well how about it is actually a really great family movie.

Yes, there are a couple of issues. Perhaps the little girl here is too full of wonder, and too innocent. But really, is that such a bad thing? Leave the cynicism and dark tales to all of the other “children’s” movies. No, Spielberg takes the high road here in many ways and makes a movie that is actually a children’s movie. No wink’s at the parents while they tell a veiled off color joke. No hidden political message in the subplot of the movie. Just a nice feel-good movie about the wonders of friendship. How about that for a Spielberg spectacle?

It should be noted that this movie was truly beautiful to watch. Spielberg spared no expense to bring this magical take to the big screen. The special effects will dazzle you for sure. And the BFG himself totally steals the show. Most kids will leave the theatre hoping to find their very own BFG for their new BFF.

All in all Spielberg and Disney are to be applauded for bring to life one of Dahl’s more subtle stories in a way that is both touching and inspirational to watch as a Kid movie. And somehow they manage to do it in a way that is totally engrossing for parents and children to watch together without pandering to either. How nice is that?

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